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Current Episode: 1.1 Monticello
Original Airdate: January 1, 2008

In this episode, Jane and Carolyn visit Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson.  

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States.  He was the author of the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.  He was also the founder of the University of Virginia

Monticello is located near Charlottesville, Virginia on 5,000 acres of mountain and farmland.  Monticello means 搇ittle mountain?in Italian.  It took over 40 years to build Monticello!  The house has 33 rooms and four floors .

Thomas Jefferson was both a lawyer and a farmer.  Over 500 different kinds of fruit and vegetables were grown at Monticello.  Peas were Jefferson's favorite vegetable.  He grew 23 different kinds of peas. 


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*Picture: West Front of Monticello (source: Commonwealth of Virginia)

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